Served with side tomato sauce



  PLAIN-W/ MOZZARELLA AND RICOTTA                                                                                          6.50  

  VEGGIE-W/ MUSHROOMS, GREEN PEPPERS, ONIONS, TOMATOES                                      8.50

  CHICKEN-W/ GREEN PEPPERS, MUSHROOMS, ONIONS AND CHICKEN                             8.50 

  MEATLOVERS-W/ PEPPERONI, SAUSAGE, HAM, MEATBALLS                                              8.50   

  Arancini                     1.85       Rice balls filled with cheese, ham, and salami

Garlic Knots               0.95       Served with side tomato sauce

Fried Calamari           7.50

Mozzarella Sticks      5.50
Onion Rings                 4.25
Buffalo Wings              9.50  served w/ Blue Cheese or Spicy or Ranch or BBQ Sauce
Chicken Fingers         5.50
French Fries               2.75
Pizza Luna Caprese   6.50
  A  delicious baked pasta creation with ham,salami,
  mozzarella ,provolone, and  topped with tomato sauce

Pizza Fiora                 6.50
  Spaghetti pie with green peppers and zucchini baked with mozzarella cheese, served with side tomato sauce